Monday, November 14, 2005

Revisiting a fish - Part II

Now, where was I... Oh right
Here I'm laying the planks I've ripped out onto the frames. Your looking at the base towards the tail. In this early method, we used to have the keel (or stringer) extend up between the two primary (innermost) planks. We'd leave them proud and then plane them down to the deck surface later. Besides the nice stringer line, this method just adds an extra seam to seal and worry about. We've since solved the problem by keeping the whole frame structure inside the planks. Also visible in this picture are the fin reinforcements that span the last two frames.
In this photo, the planks are all glued down (making a long story short) and I'm jigsawing the tail. On this fish, I experimented with a lamination technique for railing out the wings. Sorry the photo is kind of blurry, but what you see here are 24 layers of thinly-slied red cedar strips. They are glued up and clamped into a gluing jig. Once the glue sets, the curve is retained. Me thinks it worked pretty good.Here you see those very same wings glude and clamped onto the tail. Working on curved surfaces, with no opposing surface to clamp is very tricky. We have to be clever. In this photo you see a broom handle inserted through the frame. Clamping it to the table gives me a surface to wrap the bungees.Here begins the arduous task of rail glue up. Notice the wetsuit drying in the background (hey we gotta test these things!) - and there is Mikey too - lofting up the next longboard. A real production line.

More to come...


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