Thursday, November 10, 2005

Surprise swell - Morning sesh

I got a call at about midnight last night. It was Nick and Mike calling from the bluff that overlooks one of our local breaks. It was dark of course, but the two were pretty excited. They held the phone up so I could hear the surf pounding on the rocks below. This was a surprise because no reports called for anything over waist high. The news pretty much sealed the following day's fate - from dawn to dusk. I just got out of the water and note the time of this posting.
All waxed up and heading out from Grainsurboards World HeadquartersNine times out of ten, we are stopped and asked about our boards. We love it.A great way to start my day - walling up nicely inside.This felt REAL good - check out that fish.
Mikey looking up at a wall - nice face!The last cutback of the morning.Where you want to be.We have these pictures because Nick was kind enough to skip a session (that's a lot to ask of a surfer) and shoot photos. If he wasn't behind the camera, he would have been carving it up with us. Here's a shot of nick on the Waterlog (the GSB 10-footer) from earlier this fall. Thanks Nick!

Stay tuned for the PM session photos from Mike - they are nice...


Anonymous momma said...

Nice job boys. Keep on keepin on.

PS: I'll take a board some day, what do you suggest for a muscular, good looking 32 year old with badass writing skillz?

7:09 PM  
Anonymous believeus said...

PS: From Tree to Sea is good. Trademark that shite-ski!

7:14 PM  
Blogger skennycat said...


5:59 PM  

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