Saturday, February 25, 2006

GSb featured in "The Wire"

Grain Surfboards was just featured in "The Wire Magazine." Here's an excerpt;

From: The Wire Magazine
Date: 02/22/2006
By: Josh Pierce


...Everything in the basement seems to be a working prototype. Handmade wooden stands hold up the skeletons of several boards in various phases of construction. A layer of sawdust coats the floor. Low-slung ductwork blocks head space. Plastic sheeting hangs from the ceiling, separating the shop from the rest of the basement. Every few minutes a motor whirs to life for a few seconds. “That’s the sump pump,” LaVecchia explains. An 8-foot-long frame, the backbone of a board-to-be, sits on a stand, circular holes drilled out of its keel and frames. Laying on top of another board is a full-sized computer printout of its shape...


Read the full article here: The Wire Magazine "Cold Swells."


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