Saturday, February 25, 2006

GSb Pot Bust

This post is in response to the previous one regarding the story by Josh Pierce, and particular the following part:


...La Vecchia answers the door wearing jeans covered in sawdust, a dust mask hanging from his neck....[he] leads me down the narrow stairs into the low-ceilinged basement of their rented house, where Blundell is checking on a hand-fashioned wood boiler—a 10-foot long, 4-inch diameter capped PVC pipe being filled with steam from a boiling pot sitting under one end of the pipe. Mike’s brother Nick pops his head down into the basement to warn Mike and Rich that his girlfriend will kill them if she finds out they are using her good pots to steam their wood.

“It’s just a prototype. If it works, we’ll get our own pots.”

Read the full article here: The Wire Magazine "Cold Swells."


Well Josh you've done a great job with this article - a great job getting us in trouble. We were in the clear until you just HAD to have your journalistic "integrity."

Allow me to explain. You see, the day you came to visit, yes it's true, we were experimenting with a home made steambox, and yes, I had carelessly grabbed one of Jess's VERY expensive pots to serve as the boiler. And Yes Nick did specifically warn us of her potential for displeasure if she found out, and that she was coming home to collect her pots that afternoon (she's a personal chef who cooks on-site).

But here's something you didn't know...

Because Jess was out all day, I had procrastinated in putting the beloved pot back in the kitchen cupboard. Then as I was sitting in the den, SHE CAME HOME. Knowing that the beloved pot was in the basement, still hooked up the the steam apparatus, I was overcome with a wave of dread.

I quickly devised a desperate plan.

I knew she would pass though the kitchen and go upstairs just for a moment to talk with Nick. So if I could time it just perfectly, and move like a NAVY Seal, it might just work. This moment would be my only window of opportunity to return the pot without her ever knowing.

I sprang into action.

I ran downstairs, extricated the beloved pot, and with it stuffed under my shirt, made a fast break for the kitchen. I could hear her at the top of the stairs (which land in the kitchen). So in absolute silence, I swiftly returned the beloved pot back to it's home shelf. As I was making my escape into the den, I glanced over my shoulder only to see her feet descending the stairs. I was sure she had busted me. With an undeniable look of guilt I, waited in the den for a much deserved scolding.

But instead, I heard her head straight for the cupboard, open it, collect her beloved pots, bring them out to her car, and leave.

By the skin of my teeth, I had made it... that is of course...until you printed your story. Nice going Josh!


Rich (guilty as charged - sorry Jess - Really)


Anonymous momma said...

Mary Jane in the cupboard?

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Davey Moyers-Jacksonville, FL said...

I'm not sure how I found this site. I'm glad I did. What you guys are doing is fantastic and will be appreciated by many. That "fish" is something else. Bringing "old world" craftsmanship to functional art is noble. Your care and feeding are inspiring. Keep up the good work. This is nice.

11:53 PM  

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