Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's a Cedar!

After much trial and error, it is with great pride, pleasure, and promise, I introduce thuja Occidentalis #1.

I'm handing out cigars.

UPDATE: On April 3rd, 2006, I counted 54 new sprouts (for a total of 77) . Me thinks I've got it dialed so I went ahead and planted another 500. If anyone out there wants to give this a try, send me an email with your address and I will reply with 50 seeds and instructions. You'll have to act quickly though as planting time is fast approaching.


Anonymous momma said...

Growing mary jane is illegal in most states...FYI

5:11 PM  
Anonymous laura said...

It's Alive! Congrats. and just in time to celebrate your birthday .....

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've tried without luck to grow red cedar, sequoia, and redwood from seeds many a time. I eventually just bought a year old redwood sapling (my baby.) It's great that you're approaching your boards from a sustainable/renewable aspect.

Santa Cruz, CA

8:18 PM  
Blogger Rich Blundell said...

Since this post original posting, 13 more sprouts have emerged! I think I've got it figured out so planted another 250 seeds on march 11th.

One more thing, I was doing a litttle research and discovered that Northern White Cedars can live to be 800 YEARS OLD! This makes them one of the oldest trees in the northern forests. Can you just imagine if this first tree survives that long. Born on March 10th, 2006.

2:39 PM  

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